Chuck Elliott, 11th October

Chuck Elliott, 11th October


We are excited to announce Chuck Elliott's second solo exhibition at Oink! Back due to popular demand, Chuck, a Bristol-based artist is returning to the gallery with a brand new collection. A selection of his metallic lambda prints will be displayed alongside his prints on paper.


View Chuck's New Collection Here

After graduating in 1992, Chuck began his journey as a creator. He immediately set up a studio in Soho, London, as a space to develop his practice and begin working as a commercial artist. During this period Chuck fulfilled briefs for prolific brands such as Apple, Sony, Nike and Mucia Prada.

Chuck utilised his fascination with technology to complete many of his successful commissions. Acquiring an Apple Macintosh in 1989, he used the machine to sculpt, draw and create his compositions. After moving from commercial work into fine art practice he continued to create artworks digitally. His studies of light, motion and liquid geometry became tangible as he could render, edit, mix, cut, paste and manipulate sculptural drawings. Finely tuning each detail to his liking.

Not only has this medium allowed him great freedom as an artist, but the opportunity to explore the most innovative production techniques available. In 2013 Chuck moved to a larger studio based in Bristol where he has constantly invested to ensure the evolution of his practice. He has taken his work into intriguing directions with his focus on colour, line and volume relationships and themes including ‘poured forms’, ‘captive light’ and ‘fluid geometry’.

 “My work endeavours to capture and retransmit the vigour and vibrancy of refracted and reflected light and kinetic motion. I currently employ the medium of laser exposed metallic Lambda prints for the majority of my work (effectively digital Cibachromes), but am also keen to diversify into other media. My practice is endeavouring to push back the boundaries of traditional printmaking, with direct digitised drawing, and a fluid use of dynamic colour spaces and captured light.”

 Chuck’s contemporary explorations of abstraction have earned his high reputation as a fine artist. His impressive metallic lambda prints are exhibited around the World and are considered collectible artworks.


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