Marcelina Amelia, 9th February

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 Marcelina Amelia


 Marcelina Amelia is a UK based contemporary artist working with mixed media, approaches to print, painting and drawing. She often draws inspirations from her Polish heritage, spiritual, sexuality, and the human condition. According to her Mum, Marcelina started drawing before she could properly speak. She has been featured in the publications, including Booooooom, Bomb, Art Maze, Create Magazine, Digital Arts, Vogue, Refinery29, The NY Times, Der Spiegel and Ballad of Magazine and also founder of art-brand Mesh Studio. 
She exhibits work throughout the UK. The Big Draw sketch walk for Apple. In 2018 Marcelina was Saatchi Art's featured 'Artist in Spotlight' at the Art Fair in Bristol and her artwork adorned thousands of tote bags promoting the fair. This year Marcelina was also featured at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea's Live Art event. Added to that work at Boxpark Croydon, made an appearance at 2018 London Fashion Week and she has been invited to participate in the infamous 'Art on a Postcard' secret auction alongside some big names in the art world. 
 Rebecca Wilson, the chief curator at Saatchi Art, highlighted Marcelina as an artist in the other art in 2018. In addition, Saatchi curator Monty Preston said she was "unquestionably an artist on the rise"
 Marcelina says, 'I like to play at the tense borders between luster and innocence; joy and sadness; fun and pain. My interest in juxtaposition comes from my inspiration with Grayson Perry as 'nowhere else could such a horrific grief be met with such fairly romanticism'. I tend to utilize nature as a metaphor for everyday feelings and headaches. My recent work, dwells in themes of self acceptance, body positivity, representations of the female sexuality, gender, migration, and society. Although some of them are very nice and light.