A collection of STREET ART

FRIDAY 01.09 // 8PM

We are super excited to bring you this group show featuring 3 new artists to the gallery, Philth, Mr Penfold and Donk London plus new works from Banksy, Pure Evil, Angus and Dario Santos!!
This exhibition is in association with @swindonpaintfest with our new artist @philthblake producing work just down the road from us in our street plus @dariosantos_art and @mrpenfold pieces gracing our walls in Swindon as part of last years and this years festival.
Be sure to follow @swindonpaintfest to see some of the amazing street art going on around our town!
The PREVIEW is FREE and open to everyone.
Get in early as many of the pieces being exhibited are extremely limited numbers. Entertainment includes Bar and Local DJ’s.
Tim Greshman, known as Mr Penfold, is a multi-talented artist in painting, graphic design, screen printing, installations, and murals. His distinct style combines influences from skate graphics and classical abstraction, attracting collaborations with major companies.

Based in Bristol, his work is exhibited globally, with a strong presence in a professional printmaking studio. Leaving school at sixteen, his skills developed through collaboration and dedication. Notably, he addresses societal issues through art, partnering with brands like Stella Artois and to raise awareness.

Always exploring new forms of expression, Mr Penfold's unique style and commitment shine through his diverse work.

We will be showcasing a small collection of Originals, Limited Edition Prints and Sculpture from Mr Penfold.


Hailing from Oxford, Philth is an artist whose creations seamlessly blend a reverence for the past with a contemporary allure. His artwork skillfully incorporates William Morris-inspired floral motifs and evocative portraiture, striking a perfect balance that pays homage to historical aesthetics while capturing the enchanting essence of the surrounding gardens.

Renowned primarily for his exceptional floral designs Philth's artistic footprint extends across the UK, including notable contributions for Work on Walls Summer, Chelmsford Concrete Canvas, Worcester Paint Festival, Cheltenham Paint Festival, Bring The Paint in Leicester, Swindon Paint Fest amungst others.

For this show we have an exclusive launch of Philth's latest limited edition prints, seen for the first time at Oink.



Knights of the crusade and B.boys break dancing. Rag & bone men, pitiful horses and the grey London streets. Dusty relics, faded empires and finding the keys to the time machine. The last of the cockney robots and feeling pre-digital. Sonic booms that light up the night sky and wide eyed astronomers who won't go to bed.  But most of all being brave!

In 2008 I created 'Donk' as a creative space, or banner name under which to explore an anonymous street application of new ideas, pasting these images onto the streets of London and elsewhere.

The images form in storybook fashion, and often allude to aspects of growing up, or the journey from innocents to more adult awareness. 
Donk remixes elements of urban culture and history across a time-line of my own making, at once referencing the past and the contemporary to make playful and anachronistic connections between universal themes of human strength, vulnerability and the passage of time.

Donk says his aim is to communicate something sincere but ultimately entertaining. 

The editions you will see here, all started as high contrast photographic constructs, which are then translated into hand finished screen prints.

We will be exhibiting a collection of Screen prints from Donk London in the gallery for the first time.



Angus is a surprisingly adequate Bristol based, independent Artist. He has been creating works of art since early 2015. With no formal training and no background in art, Angus is self taught and hit the ground running with his tongue in cheek style. Angus takes his inspiration from the people in his life, current affairs, iconic figures and the creative backdrop of the Bristol Art scene.
Angus has taken part in many paint festivals nation wide and has been fortunate enough to have been selected three years in a row for Europe's largest. When not on the street painting he is busy in his studio creating artworks for some of the leading Galleries in the UK. With a couple of celebrity commissions under his belt and features in a number of urban art books we are super happy to showcase new works from this Mosaic Master!



Dario Santos is a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Street Artist originally from Portugal, now based in Swindon. Dario's unique artistic style is characterised by pure bold colours and inspired by both the surrealistic and psychedelic movements. 

In his works Dario explores a relationship between colours and the drawing itself, using space and shape to allow each colour it's own presence. Dario's Paper Works play with your mind with their perfectly flat colours created with POSCA pens which create a seamless consistency with his Digital and Printmaking works.

Dario's Street Murals have recently landed in Swindon and Cheltenhams Paint Festivals with an exciting new addition this year to Swindon Paint Fest, keep your eye's peeled!



As if this needs any kind of introduction!
Banksy's works continue to inspire especially with his current Cut & Run exhibition in the GOMO in Glasgow giving a behind the scenes insight into how he has produced his masterpieces around the world.

We will be exhibiting a few pieces in the gallery for you along with some goodies from the latest show up for grabs.



After making a mark around the world with his highly recognisable graffiti, Pure Evil felt compelled to return to London. Playing with the ideas of good and evil, the artist made powerful statements by infusing modern icons into his work.

The urban influenced painter became so prolific that he began an association with the minds that helped create Banksy's 'Santa's Ghetto'.

Despite growing his brand into a global empire, he is renowned for continuing to work in the classic mediums of street artists such as spray paint, pastels and stencils. 


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