We're all guilty of politely accepting another gift that we know is destined for 'that drawer'... well, until the next Spring clean when it's eventually re-homed at the charity shop of your choosing.

What if instead, you could finally own artwork you've always wanted and proudly show your friends and family where their investment, all the while marking a special occasion with a gift you'll keep for life?
Wether you're tying the knot or the big three-oh is fast approaching, register with Oink and get a gift you'll cherish forever, the gift of art.
  1. Create an account – Follow the link below and fill in your details, you can add a photograph and message to personalise your profile for friends and family to see. 
  1. Choose your items – If you already have something in mind you can simply find it on our website and click the ‘Add to Registry’ button! Alternatively, you can visit the gallery where we’ll be on hand to offer guidance with selecting items and help you set up your gift registry. 
  1. Send out your gift list – We’ll create a personal email that you can forward to wedding guests/friends/family, including your gift list and instructions on how to use your registry if they wish to.
  1. When life’s settled down after the party or your honeymoon tan’s just starting to fade, pop into the gallery tell us all about the big event! You can collect gifts purchased on your behalf and choose how to spend any remaining contributions from your registry.

If you’d like to send out ‘Thank You’ cards we’ll supply you with a list of everyone who added to your registry.

  1. Hang that stunning piece of artwork centre stage in your home and admire it for the rest of your life! It’ll make a great conversation piece and be an awesome reminder of that special occasion!