Collection: Samantha Silverton

"I create ceramic collages and assemblages inspired by the landscape. By capturing the essence of a place, working from a series of moments, relying on memories and emotions evoked, I explore colour and mark making with a vibrant and intuitive energy, creating expressive paintings on fired earth.

I like the warm tones, vibrancy and depth of colour which can be achieved when using slips on a red earthenware clay body. I apply slips in a variety of ways to create depth and detail. My movements and gestures for mark making are acted out in an intuitive manner, I try not to over think or analyse this part of the making process. I work and react on instinct, every new brush stroke made is a reaction to the last, each new dab, splash and flick of colour create a natural rhythm and flow to every piece.

My vessels have become 3-dimensonal paintings, I enjoy the irregular forms which are constructed, and the relationships between inside, outside, joins and edges. These vessels mirror and reflect the edges within the landscape which inspire me so much, each piece is unique and pose different views just as landscapes do."