Fei Alexeli // FRI 17TH MARCH

Fei Alexeli // FRI 17TH MARCH



FRIDAY 17.03. // 7PM

We are excited to welcome Fei Alexeli with her second solo exhibition at Oink, showing her striking collages with surreal tangibly spatial scenes. 
The preview night will include drinks and the usual vibes to accompany this unique collection. 




Contemporary artist Fei Alexeli is known for her distinctly retro collages and cut-ups.

Alexeli studied architecture in both Oxford and London and discovered a passion for photography, photo-montage, and the power of digital manipulation.
Hailing from Greece, a place of intense political, social and historical scene, Alexeli has been intrigued by the theme of escapism.
Her prints have a cosmic touch, often depicting galactic vistas with the magazine fragments of 1950s space-age visions of the future. These combined with tropical elements such as palm trees, are a proper vehicle to escape reality.
Her collages and prints speak to the architectural: incorporating elements form the built environment, her work is tangibly spatial, layering to create depth and perspective.
They combine surrealism but at the same time, a sense of nostalgia too. Simultaneously backward and forward looking, Alexeli's prints speak to our present age, opening out the utopian spaces of escapism that contemporary society calls for.
Alexeli lives in Thessaloniki and has exhibited around the globe, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Hamburg.



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