Tiffany Barber // Renaissance Resurrected

Tiffany Barber // Renaissance Resurrected



FRIDAY 30.09 // 7PM

We are excited to welcome Tiffany Barber with her first solo exhibition at Oink, showing her Renaissance inspired Oil paintings with a modern twist. 
The preview night will include drinks and the usual vibes to accompany this unique collection. 


Tiffany barber is a Scottish Graduate Artist based in Brighton, England.  She studied at Edinburgh College of Art participating in a 4 year Painting BA(Hons) Degree and a study exchange at the Hungarian University of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary.  She graduated in July 2016 and has since continued to persue her artistic career. 
Within her practice sheI mainly engages with imagery that is both ambiguous and provocative.  She turns the focus towards the viewer, highlighting aspects of their preconceptions in order to ultimately provoke a dialogue concerning the field of ideas raised by each artworks subject.
The compositions she creates are designed to perceive an image of obscurity. Currently she is focusing on the fusion of classism with contemporary to evoke reaction by conceptually and visually communicating current social issues.   She is continuing to create oil paintings of sculptural masterpieces from renaissances onwards connecting us to the past and what lies ahead of us. 
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