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Magnus Gjoen

(It's Not) The End II

(It's Not) The End II

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Thought-provoking and often-emotional, Gjoen’s art offers a modern spin on old masterpieces or manipulates powerful and strong objects into something fragile yet beautiful.
By blending two genres from completely different worlds, his art is about rediscovery, taking things from the past and renewing them for the contemporary market. Breathing fresh air into dusty old paintings found in the far corners of a museum or lending a sense of beauty and grace to typically powerful, even dangerous objects, Magnus Gjoen’s work invites a second look. It’s this ability to engage with the viewer and get them questioning, challenging and thinking that makes him a promising and successful young artist in the contemporary art world.


83 X 60 CM (Framed)


Archival pigment inks on cotton rag, dibond aluminium substrate and perspex

Comes framed, signed and dated. 

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