Oink Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of "Rise" a captivating solo exhibition by the acclaimed artist Andrew J. Millar following his recent immersive showcase solo exhibition ‘Hidden Visions’ at Saatchi Gallery. Andrew has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and New York, so we are super excited to be putting on a solo for him here in Wiltshire.

Renowned for his extraordinary work with Polaroid film, Millar brings his latest collection to Swindon, inviting art lovers to delve into a world where the ephemeral meets the eternal.

Andrew J. Millar is a London-based artist whose innovative work with Polaroid photography has captured the attention of the international art scene. By blending traditional and contemporary techniques, Millar creates haunting, dream-like images that challenge our perceptions of time and reality. His work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide, earning him a place among the leading contemporary artists of our time.

“Hosting Andrew J Millar at Oink Gallery is more than an exhibition; it's a landmark event for us and a proud moment with such a high profile artist” said Mark Pepperall, owner of Oink Gallery. “It's a privilege to share Andrew's visionary work with our community and an exciting opportunity for people in Wiltshire and the Cotswolds to get up close to Andrews work and meet him in person.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to experience the mesmerising work of Andrew J. Millar – a journey through the beauty of moments caught and preserved forever.

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and members of the public are invited to immerse themselves in Millars world of artistry and imagination.

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