MAGNUS GJOEN '(It's Not) THE END' // 26.04.24 // 7PM

MAGNUS GJOEN '(It's Not) THE END' // 26.04.24 // 7PM

On April 26th, art enthusiasts in Wiltshire and the Cotswolds will have the unique opportunity to attend a solo exhibition by the talented artist Magnus Gjoen at Oink Gallery. This marks the first time Magnus has exhibited in this region, making it a must-see event for art lovers in the surrounding areas.

Preview Night

Guests at the exhibition Preview Night on April 26th at 7pm can look forward to a captivating display of Magnus Gjoen's intricate and thought-provoking artwork. Known for his contemporary take on classical pieces, Magnus's work often explores themes of beauty, power, and fragility.

About the Artist

Born in London to Norwegian parents, Magnus Gjoen's upbringing in various countries has influenced his diverse artistic style. Gjoen studied fine art and fashion design which led to a successful career in fashion, working for brands such as Vivienne Westwood. With exhibitions worldwide and pieces in prestigious collections like the Haifa Museum of Art and Daimler collection, Gjoen's work is highly regarded in the art world. 

His collaborations with renowned brands like Meissen and the Wallace Collection showcase his versatility and innovation.

Gjoen challenges traditional notions of beauty by blending different styles and media in his creations. His art invites viewers to question and contemplate the deeper meanings behind his striking pieces.

Why attend?

Attending Magnus Gjoen's solo exhibition at Oink Gallery is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of contemporary art. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or simply appreciate creativity, this event is sure to inspire and delight.

Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to see Magnus Gjoen's work up close and personal. The preview night on 26th April is your chance to be the first to witness Magnus Gjoen's debut exhibition in Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.

Bar by Pour Bois with Espresso Martinis and Crafted DJ Set

As part of this exclusive night you can enjoy an Espresso Martini by the Pour Bois while immersing yourself in Magnus Gjoen's captivating artwork, all of this will be complemented by a specially crafted DJ set, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all attendees to enjoy.


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