PURE EVIL, 25th of February 2022

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You are invited to the solo exhibition and experience




We are starting the new year of exhibitions with a total banger! 
London based and Welsh born artist Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a globally renowned graffiti and urban street artist more commonly known as ‘Pure Evil’. 
The Pop Art and Street Art inspired Artist, famous for his Nightmare series with the heart drips will be exhibiting a selection of his latest works with us at Oink Gallery.
Pure Evil’s street art started in California, where he was living at the beginning of the 90's after he studied fashion and graphics in London, UK. 
Living on the West Coast, whilst working as a designer for a clothing label called Anarchic Adjustment, he also produced screen print t-shirts and became involved in the electronic/dance music scene in San Francisco, eventually ending up recording for ambient record label FAX out of Frankfurt, Germany. After making electronic/dance music for about four years Charles decided to return to London and began painting his signature oddly fanged Pure Evil bunny rabbits everywhere.
His art is highly influenced by his dad, abstraction painter John Uzzell-Edwards, as well as Art Legends Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol and Keith Haring. The 90's California Street Art scene with artists like Twist and Reminisce, as well as meeting the people involved with Banksy's Project "Santa Ghetto" inspired him to find his own artistic voice and produce his first prints once he moved back to the UK. 
The name Pure Evil originates out of the link of these two concepts and how society and the world is impacted by the diabolic and the good.
His success has allowed him to open up his own Gallery in London's Shoredich alongside solo shows all over the world, including Beijing, Berlin, São Paulo, Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm and an artist residency in New York, he is in high international demand and we are excited to have him with us.
Matt Bail on the decks
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