The ABstRCts

The ABstRCts



FRIDAY 26.08 // 7PM

The mission of this collection is celebrating our abstract artists. With two of them having their first show with us, we are excited to have you experience the work of these three exceptional international artists Marit Geraldine Bostad, Patricia Volk and George Stuttard together in one place.  
The preview night will include drinks and the usual vibes to accompany this unique collection. 

Marit Geraldine Bostad

Marit Geraldine Bostad (1976) is an abstract colourist who works and lives in Horten Vestfold County, Norway. She investigates themes such as the inner psyche, memories and human interaction through her series of paintings. She blends colours by pouring paint directly onto the canvas using a variety of tools, seldom using the paintbrush - to create diverse, versatile effects with broad expressive strokes.

Marit Geraldine explores the Nordic Colour tradition in a bold new direction, blending tone to tone pastels with sparks of fluorescent, manifesting her own personal psychic state onto the canvas. She builds up and breaks down the diverse elements of her experience and brings them together in a new plastic dimension. Through this, she expresses universal archetypes that transcend the particular conditions of her own life, setting the scene for the audience to bring their own meaning to her work.

Patricia Volk

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Patricia Volk, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and a Royal West of England Academician, confirming her position as an outstanding visual artist working in painted fired clay.
“I put one colour against the other in a way that is satisfying or dynamic,” she says. “It’s purely visual and non-intellectual. If there is a deeper meaning, I like to think that is brought by the viewer: I don’t like to limit their experience by giving a sculpture a set explanation or description. Sometimes I know what is going on in my head, but more often I let my hands do the ‘thinking’. That doesn’t mean it’s easy – far from it, because I take a very long time to consider the exact colours and weigh them up.
Some might watch my activity and indecision and quite honestly think it’s the total obsessiveness of a mad person. “I like the thought that the pieces look light, and float – a contradiction to the obvious physical weight of clay. If you pushed me to say, I am drawn to the combination of non-figurative form and colour to set off a series of juxtaposing ideas in the viewer’s mind – tranquility, elegance, power, sadness, rest, action, conflict, a sense of movement… all these things triggering human emotions of some kind.”

George Stuttard

"My work explores the perception of form and colour. Using carefully selected tones and the suggestion of structure, each piece aims to visualise a particular thought or feeling." From a young age I taught myself to paint. I experimented with landscapes and still life well into my teens but as I began a career in commercial interiors, painting took a back seat. That was until the sudden death of my mother in 2019. From that moment, nothing made sense  anymore. To try and rationalise what had happened I began to sketch. My focus shifted from what I could see in front of me to what I could not see at all. This is where my career as an Artist truly began.
Since, I have explored the idea of visualising conceptual thought and transferring this onto canvas. Expressing a feeling that words cannot. My ever-evolving style has been heavily influenced by my design background but it is also formed by constant experimentation with materials and techniques.
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