Over the last few years we have started to actively work on reducing our footprint and choose ecological alternatives in our gallery dailies!


1. Packaging

Since 2021 we primarly use Paper Bubble Wrap "Paperble" for packed artwork. 


2. Packaging Recycling

We aim to recycle packaging of all kind to give it the longest life possible. If you happen to get a bubble wrapped piece of art, we have reused packaging from artists or framers.


3. Cardboard Recycling

Any leftover cardboard that collects up in the Gallery gets shredded and reused as cow bedding at a local farm.


4. Paper free office

Thanks to most of our communication being digital or in person we are able to have a paper free office!


5. Sustainable cleaning products

Choosing refill products to one use plastic has a huge impact on our environment and we have used "Bide" Products for cleaning and the bamboo toilet paper of "Who gives a crap" for a few years already.