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Chuck Elliott



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Dazzle / gilt inflection

Metallic Lambda photographic print, optionally mounted to clear Perspex and DiBond and fitted with a hidden alloy subframe


"For my 2017 show Current, I had been experimenting with the idea of overlaying one geometry onto a second, and then often a third. The multiple iterations, overlaid, seem to offer a new way of drawing more complex structures, albeit still underpinned by a series of fairly logical mathematical progressions, intertwined systems that have some similarity to the way in which plants grow and evolve over time. Where the digital toolset excels is in allowing you to test out new ways of drawing that simply couldn’t be achieved before the digital era. Norman Foster was quoted as saying that the glazed roof for the his new courtyard at the British Museum could not have been realised without sophisticated computer modelling, as each part of the structure is unique. To be able to map one geometry onto another allows for denser, more complex rhythms to be employed, and for the results to become more intriguing, and to my mind more lyrical. There’s more than a little Missoni in this study too of course." - Chuck Elliott

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