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Stanley Donwood

El Chupacabra / Pandemons

El Chupacabra / Pandemons

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Signed and dated by the artist, 2010

Original mixed media on wooden panel

A rare original painting by internationally renowned artist, Stanley Donwood, most known for his work with the band Radiohead (he is often referred to as the 6th member of Radiohead due to his long close relationship and collaboration with the band).

This piece is from his Pandemonium / El Chupacabra series which was part of Stanley’s exhibited launched at the Weapon of Choice Gallery, Bristol.

The exhibition was a commentary on the corruption of investment bankers and politicians at the time.

Creative Review also featured the pieces and wrote: 

El Chupacabra, the latest series of paintings from artist Stanley Donwood, opens at the Weapon of Choice Gallery in Bristol on 10 July. 13 horned “pandemons” dressed in suits feature in the show, each daubed with streaks of paint.

“I’ve got nothing against goats,” says Donwood of the new series. “I’ve just discovered that if I draw a goat, give it the mouth of a rapacious carnivore then dress it in the suit and tie of a disgraced banker or politician it looks fucking evil.”

“[These are] 13 spectres at the feast of the goat. Loitering on the blackened cliffs of free-market economics, cackling as they raise a glass to toast Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Augusto Pinochet. Gallons of paint I’ve poured over them to drown their snickering. But still they laugh.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, el chupacabra means “the goat sucker” in Spanish.

The piece was one of 13 unique originals created and displayed in a boardroom setting.

This original mixed media piece is on a wooden panel, measuring 80cm wide, 122cm high and 4cm deep and is signed by the artist.

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