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Tiffany Barber

Promise I'll be nice - Medusa

Promise I'll be nice - Medusa

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Original Oil Painting on Canvas


100 x 100cm

I wanted to create an artwork based on Medusa as I love her Greek mythological character. In Greek mythology, Medusa is typically known for turning people to stone through her gaze. The title of the painting and added sunglasses are to suggest that Medusa this time is feeling altruistic.

Medusa is often used as a symbol in feminist literacy, most commonly in the 70s. I see her as a strong female character and have added a few other hints of strong historical female personas. Check out the Anne Boleyn style Pearl choker. The choker itself has a fascinating history in fashion for women. It's early days were sported by street workers and prostitutes with a rise in class throughout the centuries & becoming a statement piece with Georgian elites. The choker has constantly been making comebacks in waves throughout the 20th & 21st Century.

I chose to paint this sculpture by Harriet Hosmer as I love her style and she was one of America’s most distinguished female sculptors of the 19th Century, thriving in a male dominated working environment.

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