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Victoria Topping

The Amazons

The Amazons

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Handfinished print of the

A tribe of strong female warriors

One of the characters from the Mythologica book

The Amazons were a race of mighty warriors who hunted with swift, keen-scenting hounds. They were beautiful, athletic and loved to wear colourful, flamboyant, Persian style clothes. Jazzy zig zig or harlequin trousers and tunics were always popular, even when they were going to war.

Available in two sizes

Small 28cm x 34cm

Large 59cm x 71cm

Limited edition 1 of 50 signed and numbered by the artist.

This print comes unframed.

A gallery quality giclee print, professionally printed by Victoria Topping on 300gsm 100% cotton rag paper with waterbased UV resistant inks. These giclee prints are luxurious, and last a lifetime.  

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